Welcome To
Villa Casuarina
Rustic villas in a sprawling groove
Welcome To
Villa Casuarina
Rustic villas in a sprawling groove
Two Villas In
50,000 square feet
private compound
Designed in the
Local Coastal
Folk Architecture
Dubansisi beach
5 minutes by walk
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Villa Casuarina is the perfect place for you if you are looking for a calm and peaceful stay in Gokarna. Our villas are just 5 minutes from the beach by walk. We offer two well equipped villas in the midst of a 1.25 acre private compound that you will have just for yourself. You can enjoy an authentic coastal experience in our villas styled with the local architecture. Villa Casuarina is located 3 kms North of the Gokarna town center, far away from the noise and traffic of Gokarna, yet close to the upcoming tourist area of Dubbanshashi. The living-quarters of the villas cover merely 2000 sq-feet of the 50,000 sq-feet dotted by casuarina trees (ಗಾಳಿ ಮರಾ) and local flora. Breakfast is also included in your stay.

Villa 1

When you enter villa 1, the original, you are welcomed into the foyer/veranda which includes benches of black limestone (ಕಡಪ್ಪ ಕಲ್ಲು) and beach chairs which are a must in every coastal home nearby. Don’t miss out on the lazy-afternoon sea-breeze going through the veranda especially on warm days. The foyer opens to a multi-functional living room which also houses a mini-kitchen. The kitchenette stacks basic utensils, a refrigerator (including freezer), gas stove, clean cutlery/utensils, waste disposal and so on. The living room/kitchen provides access to the master bedroom, second bedroom and also the bathroom/toilet. The master bedroom, on the ground floor has a queen sized bed, wall mounted wardrobe, two bamboo chairs, and so on. You can also find extra bedsheets and pillows in the wardrobe. The second bedroom/loft is on the first floor and is accessible by ladder-styled-stairs. This bedroom contains two floor-mattresses. The well-equipped bathroom/toilet contains a WC (western), a shower and also a wash sink/basin along with a mirror. It also contains essential toiletries and do not hesitate to ask our caretaker if you are missing out on anything.

Ground floor bathroom toilet Villa 2 Ground floor bathroom toilet Villa 2

Villa 2

Villa 2, our newer air-conditioned duplex offering finished construction in December 2022. When you enter the ground floor of the villa, you are welcomed into the living room where there is sufficient seating with stone slabs and armchairs and drinking water in clay pot that you might typically see in local Konkan homes. The living room connects to the mini-kitchen which includes an induction/gas stove, kitchen drawers, cutlery cabinet, kitchen sink etc. It also includes essential cooking utensils and basic ingredients.
The spacious bedroom has a king-sized bed with a comfortable mattress with bedside table, working table with chair, wall mounted wardrobe, ceiling fan, clothes drying rack, room darkening shades, and others.
The living room of the villa also has stairs which lead to the first floor of the villa which has the second bedroom. The second bedroom of the villa has an attached toilet/bathroom and a balcony. The master bedroom on the first floor includes all the amenities of the ground floor bedroom. Additionally the master bedroom also has an attached balcony overlooking the villa’s garden and has two arm chairs.

Practical Information

Basic facilities are available in both the villas including: fresh towels, bed-sheets, quilts, shower-gel, shampoo, tooth-paste, tooth-brush, and so on. Hot-water is accessible through electric geysers and also a wood-burning boiler (to the ground floors) if you are into enjoying the authentic coastal experience. A few benches and hammocks are also setup inside the villa to relax in the outdoors. For practical information about visiting our villa, such as getting there by private and public transport checkout this page. For a list of facilities available in our villa check out this page

For information about reservations and availability, contact Shaila via phone on +91 8105233027 or email [email protected]. Ashok initially constructed this spacious villa as a retirement home and styled it to blend in with the local architecture. 

Places to Visit

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If you are new to Gokarna, have a look at amazing places to visit around our villa here. The Uttara Kannada district is a perfect picture of nature’s bountiful landscapes dotted with amazing waterfalls, spiritual temples and wonderful beaches. Uttara Kannada might be primarily known for two reasons: beaches and shrines but it has so much to offer. In the near future, we are going to update the website with 1-day and 1/2 day itineraries. Don’t hesitate to ask for more info. Not to boast, but as we are natives of Gokarna, we know the places inside and out!

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