Om beach

The Om Beach that traces the is shaped like the Hindu symbol ॐ is the most popular of Gokarna’s Beaches. Om Beach which is tucked between the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea attracts tourists from all over the world because of the beautiful white sand and the lovely rock creations. The beach also hosts small cafes, fishermen boats and eateries along the coastline. You can also enjoy traditional water sports activities here: banana boat ride, bumper boat ride, dolphin spotting, fishing trips, jetskiing, speed boating. You are sure to bump into sun burnt hippies, western backpackers, red robed Buddhist monks, yoga enthusiasts and Indian nomads strolling on this beautiful beach. With multiple cafes popping up along the Om Beach you are bound to see foreign travellers head to escape the crowds of Goa. The infrastructure on the Om Beach has gradually improved over the course of many years. 

Getting there

Om-beach is accessible by road but it is not frequented by buses. Google Maps is quite reliable for it. If you do not have a private car, we suggest that you either rent two-wheelers or hire an auto rickshaw to visit the Om-beach from our villa. From our villa, take the route to Om-beach via Gokarana. It should be about 11 kilometers. Don’t forget to carry food and water bottles from the villa as the food is generally over-priced on the Om-beach shacks. You can also Ravi to pack some food for your trip.

11 km
Our rating
2 hours
Visit time
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