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The coastal highway runs from roughly north–south along the western coast of India, parallel to the Western Ghats. It connects Panvel (a city south of Mumbai) to Kanyakumari, passing through Karwar, Murudeshwara, Udupi and Mangalore. 

Eco Beach

Eco Beach is by one of the most pristine and virgin beaches on the Konkan coast. It used to be originally known as the Kasarkod Beach. Like our villa, it is closely guarded by a forest of casuarinas. It is one of the cleanest beach that you can find in Karnataka and is usually deserted. It is a fantastic experience to walk on the white sandy beach which stretches up to 5 km. Access to the beach is not possible via public transport thus you might have to rent a taxi.

It is an excllent place to have a picnic with an eco-friendly twist just like our villa. It was a joint initiative by the Tourism and Forest Departments of Karnataka and Kasarkod Village Forest Committee. There are also activities for kids such as: jungle gym, swing, plinth stones and even a trampoline that is installed in the park. It is also served by clean washrooms, eating joints and snack bars. On certain days, boat rides are organized to take you into the sea and step into the life of fishermen.


If you are coming to Gokarna from the North (Goa/Mumbai), do not miss the Rock Garden near the Karwar beach. Karwar beach and it’s beauty has been praised even by Rabindranath Tagore. Incidentally, Rabindranath Tagore used to frequent visit Karwar beach as his brother was a Deputy Commissioner there. Also you have the chance to visit INS Vikramaditya which has been converted to a ship museum on the Karwar beach.

Apsarakonda falls

Apsarakonda (pond of angels) is a nice resting park on top of the hill which has a blissful view of the beach. It is a nice and less crowded place and the best part of it is that both and falls close to each other (nearly one kilometre distance).

It is one of the rare instances where the water fall is close to the beach. Even if it is a small water fall, people are happy to visit as you get to stand directly under the falls. It is usually not crowded and has a small restaurant where food is offered at reasonable rates with a clean atmosphere.

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