Kudle beach

Kudle Beach lies between the Gokarna main beach and the Om /beach. It offers a quiet and serene atmosphere as it is not as crowded as the other beaches of Gokarna. Many locals prefer this beach as it is usually not invaded by large groups of tourists. It is usually deserted in the non-peak months i.e from March to October. The sea is calm and usually safe for a swim although one needs to be careful about the sea currents. During the peak season, the locals put up temporary food shacks popup on the beach. You can either simply enjoy the sunset, practice yoga, talk a walk along the shore, enjoy the beauty of fluctuating tides or simply contemplate life while you are at Kudle beach.


Getting there

To reach Kudle beach , take the route to Om-beach. After travelling 3.5 kilometers on the Om-beach road, you will see a diversion. The left goes to Om-beach and the right goes to Kudle beach. The Kudle beach lies about 1.5 kilometers after you take the diversion. Note that you would have to walk the last 500 meters to reach the Kudle beach. Kudle beach is also accessible by a hike from Gokarna main beach (via Jatayu theertha and <> caves; or either from Om beach. Don’t forget to carry food and water bottles from the villa as the food is generally over-priced on the Om-beach shacks. You can also Ravi to pack some food for your trip.

9.5 km
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3 hours
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