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Falling from a height of 253 meters , Jog Falls created by the Sharavati river is the second highest plunge water falls in India. Jog Falls can be viewed from two different sides. The main entrance has the Mayura Hotel, KSTDC and PWD guest house. The other entrance is called the British Bungalow entrance and it is where the Kannada superhit Mungaru Male and many other famous movies were shot. Jog Falls is at its magnificent best during the monsoon. Definitely worth a visit especially if you are around this region. If you are visiting our villa from Bengaluru through Shimoga, then Jog Falls lies on the route and you definitely should not miss it!

The Jog Falls are on the eastern hill and the view points are on the Western hill, and there is a gorge in between them. You can see four falls from there:

  • Raja (the King) is elegant in look and the water does not hit any rocks while crashing down
  • Roarer – It makes a roaring sound and is the loudest among the four
  • Rocket – It flows with the highest force. When it hits the rock, it splashes the water which makes it look like a rocket
  • Rani – the Queen is smaller and it glides gently along the rocks

There are 1387 steps to reach the bottom of the falls. Before you can start your descent, the security staff will provide a few warning and will collect your phone numbers in case of emergencies. It is open from between 9am and 4pm. As the steps can sometimes be to steep, it is a good idea to not carry luggage. The nearest toilets and cloak room are available near Mayura Hotel which is far away from the gate. You will feel that you are stepping down to a deep trapezoidal well with large mouth. Once you reach the bottom, it is not possible to get to the water for a swim but you cancertinly see the full force of the falls crashing next to you. The view from the base is blissful. If you are lucky, you can see a rainbow on the water falls.

Falls are majestic, amount of water you see depends upon how much water they release from reservoir. Valley could cover falls, rain and mist all of their together makes it more beautiful. You will feel like you are on the clouds. Fall will be visible only in small windows when cloud and mist goes away. The clouds,mist used to cover the entire area and giving a feeling no fall in sight for some time. After few minutes the clouds and mist disappear and the sight of the great water falls fills our eyes. Fog continued to play the hide and seal through out, which have a heavenly feeling. It is a great experience to watch the water falls in monsoon.

It is a wonderful spot for lovers of scenic nature.
June to October are best time to visit. Do not forget your umbrella!

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